EVENT Venues

Parking Systems is the valet, shuttle and directing specialist for venues from professional sporting arenas/stadiums to private homes. Our courteous and professional attendants will treat your guests like VIP’s for all events. From professional sporting events and major concert venues with thousands of spectators to residential parties and weddings, we will work closely with you or your event planner to discuss your special needs to determine the best way to offer your guests an event like no other.

Managing the logistics of traffic management, maximizing use of parking space and ensuring a smooth flow of arrivals and departures at special events is a special challenge best handled by experienced and trained parking professionals. Along with this, we will:

  • Assign a manager to help coordinate your event
  • Identify the venue specifics and parameters and conduct a site visit
  • Work with local authorities to secure necessary permits
  • Provide a contract and proof of insurance
  • Handle all traffic coordination
  • Provide revenue control
  • Security
  • Transportation Services

Clients Include: