Parker Jewish Institute

Parking Systems Health has been awarded the parking management operation at Parking Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation. Located in New Hyde Park, NY, Parker Jewish Institute is nationally recognized 527-bed, non-profit center for the health care and rehabilitation of adults, and a comprehensive network of community health care programs for adults. Parking Systems Health oversees the facility's revenue collection for visitors, as well as valet parking services for patients, visitors and employees. For this operation, Parking Systems Health has partnered with ElimiWait Parking to offer text ahead vehicles retrieval to all of the parking patrons.


"I absolutely love the new parking policies at Parker they are very friendly and attentive I have been coming to visit my dad twice or three times a week for almost 2 years. The people now are excellent and I am very happy with the service they provide."

"I have been coming to Parker rehab for the last two years on and off for my mother in law and was very happy to see that there is a new system for parking there! After a long day at Parker visiting the last thing I want to do is walk a mile to find my car. The price is awesome and I love tipping the guys who are super polite and accommodating. Thanks to whoever thought to start this new system."